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Dynamic infra project was established in 2021 with the objective to bring a one-stop solution for the construction industry in India, founded by renowned entrepreneurs Mr. vivek bhandarkar & Mr. dhaval patel. Mr. vivek bhandarkar specialist in concrete mix design in the RMC segment. he had 12 years of experience in the concrete industry. Dynamic Infra Project an objective to bring a breakthrough in the construction industry like commercial, residential, highway, roads, bridges & industrials project in pan India. dynamic  infra project to reach the client’s needs and fulfill the requirements with suitable quality materials & better services. today dynamic infra project is one of the best solution providers in the construction industry’


Dynamic Infra Project is not only dependent on commercial relations we believe in healthy businesses with healthy organizations. we deliver our clients to a one-stop solution for construction industry


  • Customer First
  • RND for Challenging Structure
  • RND With Positive Consistency
  • Respect to Innovation
  • Ready to Deliver on time


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